The world of Christian scholarship has experienced many paradigm shifts in how we view ministry and how we “do” ministry. The most radical, necessary, and deeply corrective of these changes is in the way we view the concept of ministry itself. Previously, we have viewed ministry as something that we do to people for God. Frequently, this view is either employed in evangelism or social justice. This view is rapidly changing to one that views ministry as something that God does and that He desires for us to want to partner with Him in what He is doing in the world to redeem the whole of creation. This leads to a better understanding of missions. God has His own mission to redeem creation, missions are the efforts that we do in order to partner with Him, and being missional involves being intentional in the way that we keep our eyes open to those Divine encounters that let us know how to partner with Him. There are several ways this new view of ministry is corrective in theology.
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