I’m so hungry
Like the orphan child
Begging for a morsel
But You offer a feast
The table is set with the finest
Wine and Bread
You say
Come and feast on Me!
I settle for the corner of a wafer.

No wonder I always
Just exist
Barely survive
Feeling like
I’m running on empty

I have a desperate thirst
So hot and so deep
No drop can reach it save one
You are the only living water
That can quench the burning inside
But the more I drink
The more I want
The more I want
The more frantically I drink
This whirling self-perpetuating dance
And I never want to stop
Because where else can I go
What else can I do
But be the vessel of divine love
You created me to be

So here I am
Arms flung wide
Falling falling falling
Into your arms
Pour love down on me
Sometimes I’m afraid
I will drown in it
But if I live or die
It will be by your hand
All else is loss
I choose
To risk it all on You

Your love pours down
Consumes me
Overwhelms me
Overpowers me
Like a flood
It washes me
Away from the old
Crooked Distorted
Ugly Controlling
False Self
You say
It is finished!

As you gently
Reconstruct me
Renew me
Transform me
Knit me together
New eyes, heart, hands
Fingers and toes
Baptize me
You breathe life
I take what feels like
My first breath
Open my eyes
Oh, GOD!
You opened Yourself
To be known by me
Like you did
With Samuel

Your beauty
I can’t bear it
My humanity
I can’t contain You
So I leak sometimes
And that is where
The tears come from