Revelation 12:11 – “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony…”

I have lived with incredible levels of chronic pain for many, many years due to some debilitating autoimmune problems. This has plagued me for more years than I would like to count—since I was a child. Only the people who are closest to me really know how much I have endured, because I try not to show it, and I try to live as normal a life as I possibly can. I never have been comfortable using my pain level as a reason to stop living.

Several years ago, I had emergency surgery on my lower back to repair the area around my sciatic nerve. I was dealing with nearly-imminent paralysis from the waist down. I was diagnosed with deteriorating disk disease, something that my earthly father also suffers from. Basically, my body was destroying my own spine and inflammation was wreaking havoc in my joints.

After moving to KY, I found that I had a severe misalignment in my neck that was putting pressure on my nerves and on my brain stem. I began chiropractic treatment, which changed my life in amazing ways. But, I have had to be adjusted multiple times a week for a very long time, and up until now, have not been able to go more than a week between visits without enduring extreme agony and major setbacks in my recovery.

Two years ago, at the Aldersgate Renewal Ministries Conference, God did a spectacular healing work in my ankle (which was severely damaged from an injury) and in my lower back (where most of my pain has originated from). I experienced great increase in flexibility, mobility and quality of life, but I continued to deal with severe pain and crippling inflammation.

Just a few weeks ago, I attended the yearly ARM Conference again and was prayed for, specifically for my neck and back. During that prayer time, God revealed to me some generational ties to my father that caused me to need to repent and seek forgiveness for my part in cooperating with it. I also gave forgiveness to the ones who had wounded me in that place. My pain level immediately decreased, and has been easily manageable since.

But, that is not all. Here is a testimony that has been backed up by medical science. I went in today to my chiropractor for the second time since being prayed for. My chiropractor said that he would like for me to tell him what has happened to me, because he said he saw “sudden significant improvement” that he could not explain through what he was doing with my care.

So, I told him. He affirmed (after two VERY thorough examinations) that the inflammation has left my body and that my joints are adjusting like a normal person’s would at a maintenance appointment! He actually wrote on my official medical record that GOD Himself performed a significant work of healing in my body following a prayer session at the Aldersgate Renewal Ministries Conference​.

If that doesn’t get your fire going, baby your wood is WET!